Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alamanda Sunset

6 Photography Quick Tips

Are you just starting out with your photography? Here are 6 quick tips designed to help new starters improve their shooting skills.

1. Composing that shot. Ever heard of the rule of thirds? Don't use it. Use the golden ratio! Make each horizontal third of the frame interesting with making things too busy.

2. Landscape photography: don't just think about what's in the background. Include something of interest in the foreground too. This can add context to your composition.

3. Portraits: shoot at your subjects eye level. If it's a child that means getting down to their height!

4. HDR Photography: Always use a tripod! Unless your taking single shot HDRs that is.

5. Shoot during the golden hour! Sunrise and sunset are are perfect times of the day for photography because lighting is ideal for landscapes.

6. Turn off auto! Learn to use your camera in some form of manual mode. Although auto mode on most cameras does an ok job, it's still no where near as good a job as what you can do by choosing the settings yourself.

Photo: Alamanda Sunset

This was one of those rare times where the clouds were real nice and defined during sunset! That afternoon was a nice and warm. When I looked out my bedroom window, this is what I saw. So I quickly set up my tripod and shot away.

These shots can be a little challenging to process. I used the HDR technique and combined 6 shots into this one image. Using the masking technique in photohop allows you to remix the original shot back into the HDR result created earlier in Photomatix.

Camera settings for this shot can be found on flickr here.

Alamanda Sunset

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