Monday, November 8, 2010

Flux Capacitor at The Mansion

The Endless Search - Composing the shot

Do you often find it hard to compose a shot? Knowing what to include or exclude in a shot can be daunting. One thing that I’m learning is to move in closer to my subject and exclude a lot of the other nice and interesting things that only end up being distracting in the overall composition. This is particularly relevant when using a wide angle lens like the one I used in this photo.

Photo: Flux Capacitor at the Mansion

Well one day I had one of days where it was just too long since I’d been out to shoot. You know the those days, when you start to worry that you'll slowly lose your photography skills! Anyway, we ended up going out to the Werribee Mansion for a leisurely afternoon and I proceeded to stretch my Nikon's legs with a number of rapid fire brackets at regular intervals. I tell you, it was like something out of The Matrix!

This shot is an HDR. I case you’re wondering, yes you can do Black and White HDR. I simply convert the finished colour HDR into black and white using a filter. For this photo I used OnOne Phototools black and white filter. Sometimes a composition will just look and feel right in black and white and this was definitely one of those situations.

Camera settings for this shot can be found on flickr here.

Flux Capacitor at The Mansion

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