Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Abandoned Shush Building

This is one of the many places I pass by on the train I note down to shoot on a cloudy day. I love this kind of urban decay. Some of the graffiti around Melbourne is quite colourful. Initially I went round the back of this place and found an opening in fence. I thought better of it and decided to go and ask permission first though!

The gentleman at the front didn't mind me snooping around to take some photos with my Nikon. This day I spent shooting with a 50mm F1.4 lens I hired out. I love this lens and the shallow depth of field is nothing short of amazing. No tripod with this shot. Also this is a single RAW HDR.

If I have one suggestion when shooting with this lens its this: Don't feel you have to shoot at the F1.4 end of the lens. Often its better to have not too much blur in foreground/background objects. Retain some detail.

Camera settings for this shot can be found on flickr here.

The Abandoned Shush Building

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