Thursday, July 15, 2010

From the Balconies of the World

The first day of my trip to the Grampians National Park was jam packed and by the end of it I was keen to get to my warm caravan and have something to eat. During these trips I always have a plan of what I'd like to see. The Grampians is a wonderful place to visit and I recommend you give yourself at least two days to see some of the main attractions. Don't bother rushing around trying to see everything, there's just too much to see.

My last destination of the day was at a lookout point called The Balconies. On the walk back to the car I planned to stop by this particular place, setup and shoot the sunset. There was a steady flow of tourists through here. I find this tends to be annoying as many of them are quite loud and kinda ruin the peacefulness of the surrounds. No one really sticks around for sunset though which is bonus. I had the place all to myself!

This image comprises of 6 exposures. Why so many? Well, sunsets and sunrises tend to have such great contrast between foreground and background. Often 3 exposures are just not enough to capture all the various light levels in a scene like that.

Camera settings for this shot can be found on flickr here.

From the Balconies of the World

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