Monday, July 12, 2010

Eurobin's White Water Falls

This is the area I was supposed to end up that Sunday early morning before sunrise. Instead, after a series of misguided turn offs I ended up driving down a very very narrow, steep and wet dirt road in the mountains. Fortunately, I was forced to acknowledge my mistake early on and managed to reverse all the way out! This sort of thing happens when you trust your GPS too much.

One of the first attractions you see when driving through Mt Buffalo Park is Eurobin Falls. This was my first time photographing a water fall and really wanted to try out my new Nikon D90 and get that nice blurred water effect. If your new to photography, this effect is achieved by setting a high F stop number on your lens. I chose f22 for this shot which lets less light fall onto the camera sensor forcing longer shutter times. In turn, this allows the water to drag across the sensor and create some nice motion blur.

Camera settings for this shot can be found on flickr here.

Eurobin's White Water Falls

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