Friday, July 2, 2010

Bright City Lights - Melbourne City

Thanks to a kind gentleman from facilities department and after cancelling a number of times due to bad weather, we finally made it to the top of this building for a sunset and night photo shoot. Unfortunately for Travis, he had gone to pick up his camera from the repair shop a little too late and they had shut. So it was up to me to do the amazing city views some justice!

If you go to my Flickr page you'll see exactly where I took the photo from - Top north east corner of Melbourne CBD. Also if you look at Flickr's larger version of this photo you'll see the building where I took a recent photo, The Hidden Entrance. This building in the photo is in the centre but slightly to the left (the one with the dome) I was quite surprised when I looked at these shots back home. Even without editing this photo looked almost as good as the HDR!

Camera settings for this shot can be found on flickr here.

Melbourne City Skyline

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