Friday, June 25, 2010

Nicholas Building & The Winged Statue

Near the end of my photowalk through the city, I was on my way to Flinders street station and came upon the old Nicholas building. I don't know much about this building but it has some nice character about it. I took a few shots with the statue in the foreground to create some interest.

This day was a fairly successful test run of my new Nikon D90 DSLR. I bought the 18-200m lens, a great all round lens for almost any situation. Though its quite heavy, the auto focus is fast so it great for taking quick photos with. This HDR was created using 3 Exposures from +2 to -2 and then combined in Photomatix. Later I take the HDR'd result and 'remix' it along with the original three exposures to get a more realistic result.

Often the initial HDR image looks abit too overdone - Something I’ve seen alot with other HDR photos on the internet. There is a balance to this art form and it takes time to get right. I'm definitely still learning myself!

Camera settings for this shot can be found on flickr here.

Nicholas Building & The Winged Statue

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