Friday, June 4, 2010

Crown of the City

You always think you’re going to bump into a few weirdos this early (still dark) but actually I had alot of fun that morning. One thing I love about my Nikon D90 is that its great even for night street photography. My 18-200mm Lens is super great and the camera produces very little noise. This shot of the Crown Casino in downtown Melbourne was alittle tricky because it was raining and the lens needed to be wiped down constantly.

I really wanted to get some nice yellow streaks from the passing taxis. I think I probably should have stopped the aperture from F5 to F8 but I’m still quite happy with the resulting HDR. By the way, this shot took quite some time to get right back at home. The initial tonemapped image was full of ghosting and lots of blurred objects so later in photoshop my masking skills were tested! Eventually I felt I had the right balance of motion blurred cars, people and lights.

See my camera's settings here.

Crown of the City

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