Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Aboard at Southern Cross

By the end of my morning photowalk in the city, I was on my way back and thought I'd visit one Melbourne's largest train stations. Southern Cross station's ultra modern design its very old, 150 years in fact!

I often stop to change trains here on the way to work during rush hour. For some time now I've thought this place would be perfect for some HDR work. In post processing this image, I thought this would be a great scene to double tonemapp in Photomatix, and its actually my first. I also added some extra colour and contrast 'pop' using Lucis Art ED. Masking was done on some areas to restore the best bits of composition such as the driver sitting in the front of the train preparing to depart.

This is a 3 Exposure HDR from -/+2. More detailed Exposure settings here.

All Aboard at Southern Cross

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