Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Picturesque Morning at Lake Burley Griffin

Photo: A Picturesque Morning at Lake Burley Griffin

Getting up early for a sunrise shoot is never easy! For one thing you have to get up early - and I mean real early - before the sunrises and its still dark. There are some big advantages in doing this so if your thinking about a sunrise shoot then don't wait until its light to go out.

This shot was taken behind the Museum in Canberra city, down by lake Burley Griffin. It was a very calm and peaceful morning and as I moved around the Museum and Lake I witnessed this breathtaking sunrise.

I distinctly remember this lovely orange golden glow of the sunrise as it broke over the horizon and across the lake and I wanted to show this in the photo. Using photoshop I imported the HDR'd image and a few of the original images and used a technique called 'masking' to re-mix the best bits of the scene from each original back into the HDR'd result.

This a 7 exposure HDR image. I tend to always use my camera in manual mode on a tripod - rather than using Auto Bracketing mode. More info on the photo can be found here

A Picturesque Morning at Lake Burley Griffin

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