Monday, May 31, 2010

Bathed in Blue Light

When ever I go out somewhere I try work my photography into the equation. This time I was off to see John Mayer play at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne - my wife and I being fans of his great music talent. Initially I only brought in my camera, being a bit shy I didn't know if I should push my luck bringing in my tripod too. I later changed my mind and went back to the car to get it. No one seemed to mind!

This shot was very difficult to setup because of the stage lights constantly changing position and colour and also because of such extreme contrasts in light levels. I zoomed as far in as possible and waited for a song where the light stayed the same position and colour. The result is a sea of heads bathed in blue light.

The HDR image is made of about 5 exposures -/+2. More photo specs can be found here.

Bathed in Blue Light

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