Monday, April 19, 2010

On the set of Shortland Street

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Photo: On the set of Shortland Street

During my recent trip to New Zealand this year, I paid a visit to my brother who works as a camera man on the set of a well known NZ Soap Opera - Shortland Street. He was kind enough to invite me on a private tour of the studio sets! One thing I learnt about his line of work is the incredible amount of work that goes on behind the scenes that no one will ever see. The camera you see to the right of the frame is my brother's 'rig'. Using one of these cameras is fairly difficult and takes a lot of skill to manoeuvre a smooth shot during production takes and my brother used to spend a lot of time trying to master the controls - no auto focus, everything is manual! This was probably the most interesting part of my trip. In fact I had such a good time that I was invited the next day to watch some live filming! I won’t tell you how many insane kilometres I had to cover to make it back there...

Tech Specs

An unfortunate mistake on my part (again) had me lose a lot of the shots I took on this day. Hours later though I managed to recover some including this shoot. It is a 3 exposure HDR image, shot with my trusty Canon Powershot G9 at ISO 100, F4.0, ½ second shutter speed. The exposures ranged from +1/1-.

During post processing I used a variety of different filters in a subtle way. For example, to get more detail in the features of the scene like the wooden floors I used preset in Topaz Adjust called ‘Clarity’. Now often the presets in these filters can often be a little too strong. So what I like to do is create a duplicate layer in Photoshop and then apply the filter to that. Once that’s done, I then blend that layer with the original using the opacity slider. I find this helps to create a more subtle effect. I also chose to leave some of the noise from the original photo. I think a little noise can often add more substance to a photo and somehow more real.

On the set of Shortland Street

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