Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old Wulf

Tilt Shift Photography is Awesome!

This technique is cool! Photographs of real life subjects made to look like miniature models of the real life thing, except they are the real thing! Check out some examples here.

New Photo: Old Wulf

Haha, no this ain't Tilt Shift Phogography! It's actually a model replica of a World War II German fighter plane, the Focke Wulf Wf 190A8 - Regarded as their best fight plane at the time. This diarama was put together by my brother in law. Its not quite finished yet, but looks very detailed already. I think it looks cool! Anyway he's a model hobbyist as you can tell and far more patient than I could be at this sort of thing. I was unsure how this would turn out as an HDR image but I'm impressed at the result. There were a fairly large number of filters I put the image through to achieve the final result. Among them was Topaz Adjust, OnOne Phototools and Lucis Art.

Old Wulf

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