Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bridge into the Future

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Photo: Bridge into the Future

I really love walking around this place! At the brand new Melbourne Convention Center, (next to the Exhibition Center) I had some spare time up my sleeve to explore this new area of the city. The abstract architecture is very cool, and a perfect spot for HDR. I spent the nice warm afternoon just strolling around with my tripod, stopping at regular intervals to rattle off a few exposures. This bridge was just outside the new structure and the blue lights lining the pathway reminded me of something out that old retro film, Tron.

Tech Specs

This bit is for those who really care about all that geeky tech stuff. Generally I shoot at f4.0 with my Canon Powershot G9 as in this photo. I also almost always use a wide angle converter, which turns my camera into a big ugly heavy piece of hardware. I took 4 exposures at different shutter times (I can't remember exactly what the shutter speeds are) When shooting at night I shoot at much longer times and tend not to evenly bracket my exposures largely because of features lacking in my camera. In HDR, you need to make sure you've captured a good cross section of available light in a scene. A good trick to remember is to take your exposures and then preview them using the histogram graph. As you scroll through the photos, you should see a nice range on the histogram from left the right side of the graph. If your missing some of that range as you scroll through your exposures, then your missing out on some of the range of light out there. And thats no good. Click here for more settings I used for the photo.

There's also lots of post-processing that's done after shooting. I do try to keep this to a minimum and streamline my workflow. Each photo takes about 40 to 60 minutes to finish. I always use Photomatix to create the initial HDR'd image. Also I use Photoshop with various plugins such as Noiseware to reduce noise, Topaz Adjust to create more 'pop' in colour and sometimes Lucis Art Pro and Phototools to add finishing touches. I never add colour to or manipulate the original image beyond making the necessary colour & contrast adjustments. I think there's a certain line where enough is enough.

Bridge into the Future


  1. I would have never thought one could get such results with a G9. Pretty amazing. Hope to read more here soon ;)

  2. wow...that is stunning...and yes it reminds me of tron as well...

    I love the multi coloured room lights of the buildings behind the bridge too...

    breath taking....

  3. Great capture, wish those bright spot lights were indirect instead of exposed. They drive me nuts on my own pics.


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